Work,work,work, ditto

Aargh, everytime I do a shoot I seem to be taking pretty good photos, but this just means loads of work to do post production after each shoot. For instance I need to put the new fab photo or photos up on this blog, – a portfolio based website, model mayhem(if its fashion work), Facebook, Flickr, oh and of course my fashion web site at Thats a lot of duplication – can anyone post some good ideas?

Lisa Pang
Lisa Pang

Thank goodness i don’t bother with mySpace!!

2 thoughts on “Work,work,work, ditto”

  1. Hi Simon, you can actually get Facebook and WordPress to ‘stream’ your images from Flickr. You need a plugin for the latter, but it makes life easier I’ve found 🙂

  2. Nice one, yes i think I’m already doing that but i think that encourages me to go to Flickr in the first instance, will look into maybe adding a flickr plug in to my own web site. Cant do that on Jamuse or Model Mayhem yet though, so still a bit of duplication, but we are getting there 🙂

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