Windows 7 upgrade from Dell bought from PC World

It seems Dell have been having problems on their upgrade site at . Dell doesnt seem to recognise service tags – which identify a PC – especially if the Dell has been bought from another reseller such as PC World in the past 6 months or so and their machine was shipped there prior to the windows 7 eligibility upgrade date of June 29th. There are loads of disgruntled Dell users out there who want to update to Windows 7. makes you wish you had an Apple eh!

Dell – surely the date that matters is the date that a customer bought one of your PC’s and not the date you shipped it to a reseller – well duh! Mines was bought on October 1st from PC World and Dell doesnt see my machine as eligible for the upgrade to windows 7.  Check out Dells own forums – lots of unhappy Dell users.

Update: A rather lovely chap called Robert at PC World has intervened after I refered the matter back to them. He knew a guy high up at Dell and had a word or two with him. Robert called me back the next day and said that Dell have resolved the matter. Having said that Robert is posting me a voucher to purchase the upgrade from PC World, so thats Kudos points for them – great customer service. The same cant be said when you pick up the phone and call India ( I mean Dell)


3 thoughts on “Windows 7 upgrade from Dell bought from PC World”

  1. The same case happened with me also. The dell online upgrade register is not validating my service tag. I bought this laptop and last week of August 2009. I hope the ship date of this laptop might be before the 26th june 2009. Hence it is not validating my laptop.

    It creates a customer dissatisfaction.

    1. Yeah there seems to be a mix up, it seems the ship date to the store was taken as the date for windows 7 eligibility but try again at Dell as my service tag was suddenly recognised when it wasnt before so maybe they have fixed it, it was no use calling support as they werent honest or knowledgeable enough.

  2. Damn Loosers… fed up of this damn vista… try gettin it updraded to win 7… n guess wat… the free upgrade is NOT FREE… and the dell compaNy doesnt evn recognise my laptop… Wats even better… i got my laptop frm the Head of sales manager of the Dell company itself… n they still dont recognise my service tag…

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