Why choose a professional photographer for your band or solo artist shoot

Why indeed

Why not just get a mate to do it,  someone in the band must know someone from their days at college who had a camera or a fan who constantly pursues them with their iPhone.

Well, how many hours have you spent getting that material together, or how many years!

How much cash have you spent in the studio recording. How many taxis, how many beers have you bought as favours that weren’t returned.

Why invest all that time, energy and cash on an inferior set of images to represent you and your music for the next few years. Can you afford to take that risk!

Just so happens, I too have invested years of my life honing my technique, approach, creativity and technical knowledge so I can get it right for the many artists and bands I’ve worked with over the years.

Plus have I spent hard earned cash on equipment, oh yes, full frame Nikon, many lenses, studio lights, speedlite flash guns, backgrounds etc.. We can’t let not having the right gear an excuse to not get an image that elevates you or your band above the rest.

And keeping up with new technology and developments in digital imagery and software manipulation is my bag. Taking a good set of images that are unique and technically proficient is key, but also paramount to me is a an up-to-date software toolbox and over 15 years of post production experience using Photoshop and now every Pro’s favourite, Adobe Lightroom.

If you did give that mate a call, or get back a favour that was owed and the shots just didn’t quite work out, it’s not too late, get in touch and I’ll only be happy to help.