starz garden

Starz Garden

I photographed James Walter recently at the amazing Balthayock Castle near Kinfauns just outside of Perth. The castle is in great shape and James had recently had a lot of work done internally and this is ongoing. It has been passed on down through generations of his family and managed by Historic Scotland.

James needed some images for his Spotify account and the upcoming release of new material.

Below are some more images.

In his own words at Spotify

Led by front man and vocalist James Walter, Starz Garden is a pop and indietronica collective bringing you dreamlike soundscapes sculpted by deep, bone rattling bass, otherworldly synth melodies, epic vocals and words that talk of longing, love and honest introspection.

Stars Garden touches the corners of our soul, taking us on a journey to the places just beyond our imagination.

The band’s first three singles Only You, Connected and Sabrina were written and recorded by James in early 2021, with input from Grammy award winning producer, composer and instrumentalist Philip Larsen from Studio Killers, and L.A based producer Killian Cruiser.