Rosie Hardy

Now heres a photographer we should be watching out for, Rosie Hardy art/self portrait/fashion photographer from Derbyshire. She spoke most eloquently last night at Exposure Leeds to over 50 photographers from the Yorkshire region and she is just 19 having been doing photography for little over 2 years.

The amount of work she has already done is quite incredible but mostly in part to doing a 365 day self portraiture, she didn’t quite manage to doing a self portrait every day of the year without losing all of her hair. Each one is unique and conceptual. Perhaps dissecting herself in the art of self portraiture has not only made her extremely self aware but the examination of herself has made her an excellent photo retoucher and compositor even without using Photoshop but instead using the freely available Gimp software.

Her enthusiasm is really infectious and I don’t think she realises quite the impact she will make in the photographic world, but this is because so much of it is still new to her. She is inspiring of others but still inspired.

Check out Rosie hardy’s work here.

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