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    CD Cover - Underground
  • Client:

This was the cover for Replenish’s 4th album – Underground.

Here’s what Music web site Cross Rhythms said about the album.

The results are a fine rock album with an uncompromised message and plenty of creativity thrown in. They have taken three previous favourites, “You Are”, “Learn To Live” and “Anthem” and re-recorded them giving all the songs a new feel so that they work in a completely fresh way. I love the prayerful “See You” which is packed with atmosphere whilst the title cut is a moody rocker. The album has plenty of emotional vibes to create rock with lots of whistles and bells to pull you in and a solid spiritual heart to touch you when you get there. It is both immediate and deep, leaving the listener with something fresh to discover with every play. Not an easy feat to achieve but Replenish manage it and deserve to break through with this. Atmospheric, anthemic, emotional rock anybody?

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