Gig at Salvos, Leeds

When I get asked to do gig photography, I think, great. No need to bring lights, I get to have fun and hopefully some animated photographs as well.

I did have fun at this gig and met some great people. It was at Salvos restaurant, well the Salumeria to be exact. Great food is to be had there. An intimate atmosphere but not really geared up for gig photography. When i get asked to do a gig shoot, I do expect to be cramped and jostled, and i do expect to also see huge 2KW gelled lights pointing at the artists.

Unfortunately, at Salvos, cramped, meant being surrounded by other people at tables trying to enjoy a fantastic meal while listening to the talented and broad of repertoir duo that is William and Naomi.

And as far as lighting goes, no large spots, fresnels etc but just low lighting ambience that you would get in a place like this. In fact I think i was lucky to avoid candles only. At least there was one 60watt bulb pointing at William at the keyboard. Unfortunately again, Naomi, singer, saxaphonist and flutist, all too often strayed out of this beam of light entirely.

So it was up to the ability of the D90 and my skills at capturing that magic moment. This was no occasion for an iPhone. Camera speed was set to 3200, avoided as much as possible the use of flash, therefore not disturbing people trying to eat their Neopolitan. Gratuitous use of Adobe Lightroom too which seemed to give the images the lift they needed.

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