Dreamcatcher, originally uploaded by simonmurray66.

Fusing the most powerful genre’s of extreme metal, DREAMCATCHER form an earth-shattering amalgamation of melodic, progressive and symphonic metal unlike anything ever heard before.

Playing together since early 2008, this northern british metal band has kept and cultivated a dedicated and commited fan base, and this is reflected in both their awe-inspiring stage presence and the fan reaction to everything released by them. Melding face melting guitar, ably played by dual guitar masters Alexei Green and Ben Scott, with soaring, power house vocals from commanding frontman Lukas Jackson and balancing everything with awe-inspiring keyboards performed by one of the few female instrumentalists in metal; Adele Pease, and a stomach shaking rhythm section delivered flawlessly by Ross Lavery and bassist; Matt Hudson, this sextet of metal possess a sound which is completely unique.

Catch Dreamcatcher here

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