Credit crunch or not – D90 here i come

I’m excited today – just bought a new camera – the Nikon D90 and a Tamron 90mm macro lens – looking forward to the results.

Just feel I saved myself about £400 – nearly bought the superior Nikon D300, but didnt think the more rugged construction and weather seal was something i can justify – the rest of the specs of the D90 seem to have been pretty much copied from the D300 anyway, especially as to the quality of the image capture. Main difference to me seems to be the 100% frame coverage you get with the D300 and the slightly faster flash sync, not too mention a flash sync socket. But i think the fact that the D90 can actually take HD quality video is going to more than make up for that. better return to using the old hot shoe adapter.

Main improvement i will get after using my D70 will be the added pixel resolution, the much bigger screen preview, the noise reduction technology and the dust removal capability.

It was worth checking out the arguments on line between the D300 andthe D90 though.

Cant wait.

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