Best Kebab shop in France

If you find yourself in France and miss England, if only for the tasty kebabs on Green Lanes then never fear. Perhaps you are camping in the South of France and are heading back to Calais. Its a long trip and I would advice stopping off near Bourge, right inthe centre of France at a Formulae 1 hotel. You are then faced with a dilemma. Its late,your tired from driving and the receptionist at Formulae 1 guides you to the next door Novatel which has an over-priced restaurant. You’re a little too far from Bourge and besides, its a big town and you might not find your way back. Never fear, head into the nearest small town about 2 miles away called ‘Saint Florent sur Cher’. There you will find, quite by accident in the main street the best chicken kebab wrap you will ever taste, ask for it hot if you like it spicy. We found it easily as it was the only thing open in this Ghost town on a friday night. What an absolute delight and it finished off our holiday to find such a gem.

Chicken kebab wrap

Even my wife and son loved them to bits and to be honest a kebab shop was the very last place they wanted to eat. Full marks to the chef.


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