Full moon in the streets of Perth

St Johns Kirk, Perth on a winters night
St Johns Kirk, Perth on a winters night
Just been taking night shots in the streets of perth in temperatures of -9 but great fun, no PC up here so shots to come will be posted in the new year.

Had fun trying to balance the tungsten lit church with the blue of the night sky. Exposure challenges too with the snow on the ground, clouds in the sky and a moon that moves if exposure is more than 4 seconds. Was glad to capture the full moon in the streets but not the one shown to me by some drunken chav.

2 thoughts on “Full moon in the streets of Perth”

  1. The picture turned out great. How did you get the snow to stay so dull while getting the roof so bright? Band photography is my new hobby and I have been reading your blog and http://www.kaitsbandphotography.com

    One of the links of that sight goes to a website that has “night house” photography that looks like what you did with this picture

  2. Hey Jim, well if it wasnt for the ambient light in the street, the snow would have turned out even darker than that as the main light source in the composition is lighting up the roof. I think the snow makes it look surreal!

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